Ewa Karwowska

Senior associate at SKP law firm, IP/TMT practice

+48 22 230 2655 LinkedIn

She specialises in intellectual property law, in particular copyright and advertising law.

She has experience in copyright law, legal service of films and TV commercials, and has worked with some of the biggest music labels, TV producers and film distributors on the market.

A lawyer who is committed to her work and enjoys challenges. Privately a lover of mountains and spontaneous backpacking trips.


Her professional portfolio also includes negotiating copyright agreements, providing legal services for films and TV commercials, negotiating co-production and distribution agreements in Polish and English, and drafting and providing opinions on copyright agreements, e.g. with co-writers, actors, music licences, co-production agreements and distribution agreements.

She cooperates with production managers, executive producers and other members of the film crew during the shooting of films, provides legal advice to production managers and executive producers during the shooting of films, drafts pleadings, legal opinions and registers trademarks in Poland. She also represents clients in court in civil and commercial matters.

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Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. In 2018, she successfully completed her legal training at the Warsaw Bar Association and in 2020 Copyright X at Harvard Law School.



Ks. Skorupki Street 5
00-546 Warsaw


Armii Krajowej Street 116/17
81-824 Sopot
+48 22 230 2655biuro@skplaw.pl
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