Adrian Chodyna

Associate at SKP law firm, IP/TMT practice

+48 22 230 2655 LinkedIn

Adrian specialises in intellectual property law, with particular focus on copyright, advertising and media law, as well as protection of image, reputation and good name.

An enthusiastic runner for several years. More recently, a yoga fan. Forever passionate about good books.


He is involved in litigation regarding infringement of personal rights of individual and legal persons, as well as in proceedings on protection of intellectual property rights and combating unfair competition.


His professional portfolio includes services for entities from a broadly defined creative industry. He also provides ongoing legal services to film and television producers.


He has previously worked at the LSW law firm. He has also gained experience in law firms in Cracow where he dealt, among others, with current services for business entities in the construction industry. He participated in the preparation of information on the registrability of trademarks, copyright law, as well as legal risk analysis of modern technologies in industries such as IT, industry and medicine.


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A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University. Under the supervision of Prof. Andrzej Matlak, he defended his Master’s thesis on contracts used in the production and distribution of audiovisual works.

Attorney trainee at the Warsaw Bar Association (ORA Warszawa)



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00-546 Warsaw


Armii Krajowej Street 116/17
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