Katarzyna Ciepiela

Partner at SKP law firm, IP/TMT practice

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She specialises in intellectual property law, protection of personal rights, including in particular image, reputation and good name, as well as competition law and press law. She supports clients from, among others, the film, advertising, publishing and fashion industries, both in terms of day-to-day operations and in the course of negotiating and concluding contracts and in litigation.

Since childhood, she has loved drawing, singing and performing on stage. She has managed to compensate for her questionable talent for each of these fields by working with the creative industry, which gives her immense satisfaction.

Professionally, she feels most comfortable in the courtroom. After hours, she also loves more traditional theatre, less and more conventional art, and recharges her batteries by sailing, rollerblading and travelling.


During her ten years of professional practice, she has been involved in the legal support of numerous film productions, including international ones and those produced in cooperation with VOD platforms. She has participated extensively in the legal preparation of some of the largest events in Poland, including music festivals and sports events. She has handled dozens of lawsuits, in particular in the field of intellectual property, protection of personal rights and unfair competition. She has also been involved in criminal, administrative, arbitration, disciplinary and antitrust proceedings. She also has experience in the area of commercialisation of research results and personal data protection.

On a daily basis, she works with actors, artists, architects, fashion designers, advertising, PR and event agencies, film producers and IT companies.

Previously, she worked with the LSW law firm for nine years, and gathered her first professional experience in one of Warsaw’s law firms specialising in business law, as well as in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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She provides seminars on intellectual property law, advertising law (including specific regulations for individual sensitive products), press law and commercialisation of research results.

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Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. She also graduated from the School of British Law organised by the University of Warsaw in cooperation with the Iuris Angliae Scientia Foundation and from the School of American Law. Graduate of the European Academy of Diplomacy.



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